KurdAid, supporting social projects in Kurdistan

A large number of the inhabitants of Kurdistan live under conditions beneath human dignity. Among them are women, children and youngsters. The children are not integrated, for different reasons, into a family structure. It is striking that many of the mothers raise their children alone,as many of them have been widowed or abandoned, many of the husbands have either become addicted to drugs or are in prison (mostly for drug use).      

Although the school should not cost anything, as required by law, fees are charged times and again or things such as Paper for the copiers are demanded, which is an additional financial burden for these mothers.

There are various reasons for this misery:

In the course of the last decades, due to political and military conflicts, natural catastrophes and economic crisis there has been mass migration from rural populations into the cities. Through this migration the number of the unemployed rose in the cities drastically. Large families were forced into temporary shelters which were built mostly illegally, with no training, job prospects or state assistance available.

Mass migration led to a shift in the traditional standards and values that held the families together. Combined with the difficult financial situation this has caused further conflicts within the families. Having lost the social security, connection and roots of village life, it is only a question of time, that the family, often a large family - falls apart.

Apart from the economic crisis and the dissolution of traditional values there is also illness, death or imprisonment of parents (e.g. because of forbidden political activities or drug consumption etc.) A national social security system in case of death or disablement does not exist, except for state employees. Widowed or divorced women with children are forced due to their poverty to abandon and leave the children to their fate in the street. The same fate threatens children of re-married women, if they are not accepted by their stepfather. Physically or mentally handicapped children of poor families are often sent for begging in the streets. The separation from parents and lack of shelter elsewhere arouses fears, aggression and depression in the children. In street life the children are exposed to violence, health dangers, drugs, cold weather, abuse and exploitation. In the best case scenario they are pitied by the society and worst case, they are despised / disdained.