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How we first startet

In the first three years (2004-2006) KurdAid's first call was to a shelter for street children/youngsters.In this shelter 15 young people aged from 12 to 18 years were cared for by a private organisation. The majority of them were in their third residence year in this shelter. The dormitory was overcrowded with single beds, and after consultation with the director of the shelter, KurdAid purchased eight bunk beds. Furthermore we supplied the shelter with other facilities e.g. a car (for transporting the kids), computers, freezers and so on. The shelter was closed by the government in 2006.

In the same periode of time we supported Hati (of her own wish her real name is not mentioned). She was in her 30’s and one of 14 children in her family. She was severely handicapped (tetraplegy) due to an accident, which had occurred about 15 years ago. Since then she could only move her head and hands with finger movements severely restricted. She mainly lied on her back in bed in a very primitive dwelling. In her small room (2 m x 3 m), Hati had an old small black-and-white television, placed away from her in a corner of the room. She was therefore unable to operate the television unaided. KurdAid replaced the TV by a small colour television set with remote control. Thereby she could watch any channel and at any time she desired. Due to the modest income of the father, who was quite old, and the large number of dependents it was not just Hati but the whole family who were in need of outside help. In order to reduce the financial burden of the family and also to assist the sisters of Hati with an income generating work KurdAid provided them with a sewing machine.To encourage her in doing so KurdAid provided her with a laptop, with which she could possibly type her stories in order to print them easier and a possible publication. A nice lady promised KurdAid to teach Hati use the laptop. In the years ahead she wrote a couple of stories.

Empowerment of women and supporting in education

Our focus since 2006 has been the empowering of women.In different cities (Sanandaj, Diwandara, Saqez, Bukan, Mahabad, Mariwan, Bana, Dehgolan) and villages we let financially weak women be trained mainly in sewing and carpet making and provide them there after with a sewing machine or material needed for carpet-weaving or we grant them a loan.

Furthermore we provide female students and puple in need with a scholarship. In exchange we expect from (only) the students according to their strength and ability to assist some other women or girls in need.

Till the ende of 2017 more than 800 persons have enjoyed a training oder have recieved a scholarship.


The history of this engagement of KurdAid goes back to Spring 2006, when we got to know a women's association in the city of Sanandaj. After only about five months later we established a training centre.

In three years 62 trainees participated in a sex-month training, of whom 31 passed the exam taken by the governmental office of labour and thereby obtained a diploma certificate

With our financial aid some of the graduates managed to take up their own project and started working either at home or in their own sewing studio.

Due to many difficulties we were faced in Kurdistan the trainig centre unfortunatley had to be closed. Despite this fact we continued our effords.In co-operation with a training institution for women (PAI) we let women with weak financial backgrounds be trained in sewing and carpet-weaving.

Some of the graduates have since taken up their own project and work either at home or in their own sewing studio (be it in town or village), some have even created working places for other women in setting up their own production facility.


Supporting in the education

Female students and puple in need we provide with a scholarship. With the students we made a lady’s-agreement: in return for the scholarship each would help some women or girls living in modest conditions in any way they can. A woman or girl in need could be one needing basic care at home due to age or health problems, or she could be a student or pupil needing help in her studies (tutoring) and so on. With such an agreement we aim at strengthening the social responsibility of the students. We also preserve their dignity by giving them the feeling that in helping others, they earn a wage (the scholarship) and are by no means just donation recipients.


Associations for Women or Handicaps

We support in many different towns(such as Sanandaj, Mahabad, Bukan, Saqez, Diwandara, Bana, Mariwan and Dehgolan) women's associations and those of handicaps in setting up a training centre oder production facility.


Training in Villiages

To empower women in the villages we first let one of them be trained in the city. She then goes back to her village and teaches there some women in sweing, for which we reward her.