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Carpet-weaving and sewing

We let financially weak women be trained in sewing and carpet making and provide them there after with a sewing machine or material needed for carpet-weaving or we grant them a loan. But we expect them to refunded it in installments within two years. This should preserve the dignity of these women and strengthen their will to self-empowerment. It goes without saying that we take into account hardship cases and will be accommodating in such cases.



Female students and puple in need we provide with a scholarship. In exchange we expect from the students according to their strength and ability to assist some other women or girls in need.


Tranining Centre in villages and Cities

Furthermore in two villages and different cities we have organised or help organising trainings in sewing or in help in the production of cloths.


For the following matters we collect donations:


Stand: April 2016



Euro (monthly)

a) Training in sewing and carpet-weaving:  
  training for sewing per person


  training for carpet-weving per person
  sewing machine
  material for carpet-weaving
b) Scholarship:  
  per person and semester