KurdAid, supporting social projects in Kurdistan
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KurdAid was established on the 23 January 2004 as a non-political and non-religious association. The Members are inhabitants of different countries and areas and from different professional fields ( i.e. male and female nurses, physician-assistant, physician, lawyer, craftsman, judge, secretary, councillor etc.).


Since 2006, we have specifically targeted the education and training of women and girls in Kurdistan. During this time, nearly 700 women and girls benefited from training or a scholarship

The members of the executive board are as follows:

Jahan Asadi, the president
Sibylle Huggenberger, the vice-president
Sacha Reinhardt, the actuar
Fredy Huggenberger, the treasurer

Annuarl assembly and annual report

Every year we hold the annual assembly whereby we present the annual report and the annual account. A board of control examines the annual account. This instance consists of two examiners, who are not members of the executive board. More information would be provided on an e-mail request.